Writing Prompts

Handcrafted for you by Calgary´s 5th Poet Laureate Natalie Meisner

*Note: this is a first draft only and remember it does not have to be perfect. Just go with your first impulse. The only rules are:

  • Set your timer for 15 minutes. These are designed to be written on the clock. Being timed has a surprisingly invigorating effect on the creative mind.
  • Keep those fingers moving on the keys or the pen. Even if you have to write “I have no idea what to write” at first. You will soon move beyond this and into engaging terrain.
  • Have fun and don’t self-censor! This is 15 minutes of your life, after all, it does not have to be your OPUS and you never have to show it to anyone unless you want to. But it could be the start of something great. Maybe it will give you the root of an idea for a submission to this project.